Cyber attacks occur on a daily basis, and its techniques have been constantly changing. Engineers who analyze and respond to them are required to improve their skills to keep up with the ever-changing techniques of cyber attacks. However, there are few occasions in Japan where techniques and knowledge of incident analysis and response are shared among engineers. Security analysts are expected to get together and exchange their technical expertise on incident handling to develop their strength against cyber attacks both individually and as a whole.

To achieve this goal, JPCERT/CC hosts JSAC, the annual conference for exchanging technical information on cyber security incident analysis and response. In this conference, security analysts who handle security incidents on a daily basis are encouraged to share information with each other to deal with ever-evolving cyber attacks today and in the future.

Join the conference as a speaker to share your knowledge, information, and techniques with other security analysts in Japan!

Date and Time

Thursday, January 25-26, 2024 10:00 - 18:00 (JST)


Ochanomizu Sora City Conference Center

JSAC2024 will not provide online live stream. Some presentations with the speaker's permission may be available on YouTube afterwards.

Target audience

malware analysts, forensics analysts, SOC analysts, network security analysts, intelligence analysts, incident handler, security researcher, etc.






JSAC2024 Secretariat
E-mail: jsac2024@jpcert.or.jp

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